At the opening of Spruill Gallery's 2009 Emerging Artists exhibit, local artist Jason Kofke erected a simple, yet powerful piece on the side of an old seed house on the grounds of the Spruill Gallery.  The plain white panel read "EVERYTHING WILL BE OK" in hand written black type at the corner of busy Ashford Dunwoody Road and Meadow Lane.

The sign became an instant sensation within the community and remained for months, compelling passersby to stop and contemplate the words. Many shared their individual stories of how the message affected them. Periodically, the sign was replaced with other artistic work but an outcry from the public called for the sign’s permanent return. 

Although the sign currently displayed on the Spruill Gallery grounds is a recreation, its message has not faltered and nor has the response.  To share your story about the EWBOK display, email registration@spruillarts.org.

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