Friday, September 26, 2008

Critic's pick

Gallery Director Hope Cohn received Creative Loafing's Critic's Pick for "Best Changing of the Guard."

Though we'll miss former Spruill Art Center exhibitions director Julia Fenton, we're excited to ring in the reign HOPE COHN. We love that she pulled together last spring's Breaking New Ground in a matter of weeks, assembling artists and ideas at a moment's notice, even having a new room built onto the facility to house some of the works. We're also looking forward to the construction due to begin on Cohn's watch, which will expand the organization's facilities by several thousand square feet. These are exciting times for the out-of-the-way space. And no, we didn't miss the apt symbolism of Sarah Emerson's new mural gracing the gallery grounds – a cresting wave in a bright sea.

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