Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PLAY voted one of Atlanta's 'Best of 2009'

Thanks to Stan Woodard and for selecting PLAY as one of their best exhibitions of the year!
The idea of “play” has gained a prominent position as a point of research lately, so for the Spruill Gallery to cover the territory was not a great conceptual leap. The implementation of the idea is where the power of the exhibition lay. Curator Hope Cohn’s statement directly addressed the sociology of play and set the stage to celebrate “artists [who] use the creative (playful) act to interpret the world around them.” While considering the potential of each individual artist’s work, the curator established new connections by her arrangement of works and thoughtful use of negative space. It may be the difficulty of developing themed group shows that has encouraged fewer of them being mounted locally; with a strong, simple concept, curator Cohn selected work from among a geographically diverse group of artists and proved the words in her curatorial statement. I’m encouraged that suburban Atlanta continues to provide a venue for exploring relevant ideas through contemporary art—to the benefit of supporters and artists alike.

You can read the full article here.

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