Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save the GCA!

A few days ago, the House Appropriations Committee voted in a budget for the 2011 fiscal year that cuts funding so drastically for the GCA that the organization would likely cease to exist entirely. This would give Georgia the distinction of being the only state or territory in the country without an arts agency. Clearly, this is a potentially monumental travesty that would be of significant detriment every artist and student in the state. We believe arts funding is integral to supporting cultural and artistic development in Georgia and sustaining the budget should be a priority.

Georgia Council for the arts (GCA) is a state agency with the mission to provide access to the arts for all Georgians. The agency strives for 100% statewide coverage in the support of arts programming through grants, which are competitive applications for funding that are adjudicated by peers. The GCA provides a range of grants and funding opportunities for nonprofit arts organizations, individual artists, as well as acting as advocates for access to state art funding by underserved, small communities.

Please sign this petition if you are against the proposed budget cuts and wish to support the arts in the state of Georgia.

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