Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Katrina exhibits featured in Creative Loafing and AJC

Neil Alexander

Take a look at Cinque Hicks' column on the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the art world, and how that is playing out in three Atlanta exhibits, including Spruill Gallery, this month.

In late August 2005, the levees on the canals south of Lake Pontchartrain gave way and plunged New Orleans into the contemporary art world. If that sounds like a creepy thing to say, it's not my idea. New Orleans gallery owner Arthur Roger and others told the Christian Science Monitor last year how the storm yanked New Orleans artists into a conversation with the world outside the Mississippi Delta as never before, prompting new art that was less insular and somehow more globally relevant. Brad Pitt showed up with his pink houses, and curator Dan Cameron launched Prospect.1, a citywide art biennial cut from the cloth of the Venice Biennale. Nearly overnight, the city joined the list of nationally significant art destinations.
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You can see Howard Pousner's story about four Katrina related shows at the AJC.

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