Friday, October 8, 2010

Review by Cathy Fox in today's AJC

Here is an excerpt from an AJC review of "Certainty Principle" and "Ocus" written by Cathy Fox.

"Margaret Fletcher makes a stunning debut in her concurrent exhibition of drawing and paintings. She composes these ethereal abstractions using press-on letters that are no bigger than the head of a pin. She has the crisp Helvetica letters specially made and places them with the precision of an architect, which she is, who knows that God is in the details.

The letters are fixed, like insects in amber, by layers of milky, translucent encaustic (wax), sometimes infused with an aqueous blue-green. Her application is so extremely thin and smooth that it makes other encaustic paintings look vulgar.

These small works may evoke the stars in the night sky, swarms of microscopic beings, or other naturally occurring patterns. In one series, the letters hover at the edges, a suggestion of dispersal. Mostly, they are elegant, meditative and really, 
really beautiful."

See the full article on accessAtlanta.

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