Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read between the LINES

Review: Engaging “Align” at Spruill Gallery draws a multimedia bead on line

by Catherine Fox | Mar 9, 2011

Contrary to retail blandishments, one size never fits all. Yet, Hope Cohn, Spruill Gallery's energetic director, organizes exhibitions that serve the multiple and sometimes competing interests of the community, offering a judicious mix of readily accessible and high-concept work by an equally broad cross-section of artists. “Align: An Exploration into the Artistic Use of Line,” on view through March 19, is a case in point.

High on the accessibility index, Jeffery Merritt’s charming wire animal sculptures exemplify line in space. They bring to mind Alexander Calder’s circus, though the self-taught artist knew nothing about them when he began bending wire. The drawings George Vlosich makes on Etch-A-Sketch screens are not profound, but anyone who’s tried the thing will marvel at his virtuosity. It’s hard to get it do anything but horizontal and vertical; Vlosich not only makes organic line but also shading and subtle detail.

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