Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catherine Fox Reviews SITE UNSEEN

"Site Unseen" at Spruill Gallery
By Catherine Fox
for AJC

Spruill Gallery’s “Site Unseen” is, on one level, about what might have been. Plans, models and renderings detail stillborn architectural projects for Spruill Gallery, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and residential clients. Also on view are entries for competitions that others won or, as in the case of Lord, Aeck and Sargent’s concept for One Museum Place, for a project that will never be. (Its empty lot and unsightly fence just across from the High Museum is an anti-monument to the cratered economy.)

Yet, these unbuilt projects by nine Atlanta firms are very much alive with ideas, creativity and insight into the architectural process. The exhibit reveals the considerable effort devoted to research and development. Particularly evident is the careful consideration of the relationship of a building to its site and the varied ways architects approach such issues as topography, trees and the behavior of sunlight. It’s almost always an iterative process of experiment and refinement, evolving from sketches and computer simulation to three-dimensional massing studies and models.

Check out the entire review on Access Atlanta and look for the article to appear in print in this Friday's AJC.

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