Thursday, July 28, 2011

WANTED: Contributions for Art Installation

The Spruill Gallery is requesting your help.

Atlanta artist Laura Noel will be creating an installation art project entitled “To Do” which will be featured in her Fall exhibition, Subject Matters opening September 15 through October 29, 2011. This exhibition is in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

“The idea behind the installation is that sometimes by filling our days with routine tasks, we obscure the larger purposes of our lives. To do lists are a symbol of the daily grind. If you are like me, you struggle to find time to do what is really important to you, and find yourself struggling just to get through the day.”
– Laura Noel

If you make lists for yourself or others and are willing to share them for this exhibition please send them to:

Spruill Gallery

4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road

Atlanta, GA 30338


or visit To Do Installation Project for more details

All lists will be anonymous. If you write on post-it notes, odd scraps of paper, or carefully typed lists – we want it all!

Thanks for your help!

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