Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review of Emerging Artists 2011 in AJC

An Pham, Unkreisen, 2010, Crochet Rubber Bands

An excerpt from Lucha Rodriguez at Swan Coach House Gallery; "Emerging Artists 2011″ at Spruill Gallery by Cathy Fox

An Pham, a recent graduate of University of Georgia's Master of Fine Arts program, is the break-out artist of Spruill Gallery's “Emerging Artists 2011.”

The artist works with a wide palette of materials, from handmade paper and old books to plastic strips, scotch tape and – most wondrously in this exhibit -- rubber bands. Pham crochets, plaits, knots, coils and otherwise manipulates this mundane item into mysterious sculptures, which she presents like the gifts they are in hand-made boxes.

It's a good thing that Pham wants you to touch them because they are irresistibly tactile. They also give off that rubber-band smell and, more profoundly, the feeling of intensity that comes from the hours of repetition and minute manipulations that making these works require. She manipulates books and their pages with similar inventiveness. I'm watching her.

Click here to read the full review, including words on Lucha Rodriguez's exhibition Fluoressence at Swan Coach House Gallery

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