Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist Highlight: Steven Sachs

Steven Sachs, Dad's World, mixed materials
Photograph courtesy of the artist
Steven Sachs’ odd and strange bits of ephemera - a squished paint can, an old ruler, nuts and bolts --make up the quirky combinations of mixed materials that produce his sometimes insightfully serious, often whimsical and playful art. His art supply store is the parking lot, hardware store or heaps of rubble in a vacant lot where he collects objects that are combined into intricate abstractions or witty commentaries on current events. A recent piece, "Kitchen Sculpture,” evokes “The Store,” a sculpture from the 60’s by Claes Oldenburg, however in his piece, Steve has created an assemblage of disparate objects into a whole while Oldenburg’s painted sculpture is more about the image than the process.

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