Friday, March 8, 2013

Artist Highlight: Kate Colpitts

Kate Colpitts, Sun and Black Moon, ink, graphite, pastel, and conté
Image courtesy of the artist

When I am making art I am considering shape, space and line, very
traditional concerns.  I am making these marks with thoughts of quantum 
physics in mind, the idea that all things are a part of all other things.   
That my subject matter comes from my life, what I actually 
see and think, is important to me.  This makes it more likely that I may 
actually have knowledge of what I am talking (making art) about and makes 
the art viable.  
Sometimes I manipulate objects and shapes into a composition that looks
right and reflects what I see as their appropriate though transient relationships.  
But I am also interested in drawing and painting what I call random 
compositions, taking things the way I find them.  I like to think about how far 
you can go into visual chaos and still keep the composition in 
tact or viewable.  
I want to express movement, physically as well as intellectually.....the idea 
that there is more than one way to resolve any artistic problem.
The organic versus the designed in nature as well as in life is often a thought
in my mind as well.  
Ideally my works are the result of collaboration between the intuitive and 
the intellect.

Kate Colpitts

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