Thursday, June 20, 2013

Norm Citron at the Spruill Gallery

Spruill Arts friend and supporter, Pattie Baker made a visit to the 
gallery this week to view the work of Norm Citron.  Below is an excerpt 
from her beautiful blog posting on

...Indoors, the exhibit of work from students and teachers from the related Spruill Center for the Arts education center (which is attached to the public library a few blocks away) stuns me with its quality and diversity. It is a juried competition judged by the curator of the Modern wing at the High Museum of Art (where I visit often, including just last week), and its layout (designed by Jennifer [Price]) includes many intriguing juxtapositions.  But it's when I turn the corner and see the room that features Norm Citron's special wall of art that my heart leaps.  There it is, his living energy, his essence, his bursts of color and movement and joy, exploding across the wall like a galloping horse. Yes, I realize immediately--that's Norm...

Image courtesy of Pattie Baker and

To read Pattie's entire posting 
and other fabulous musings, CLICK HERE

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