Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Did you see that?! Exhibit Review

Many thanks to Jeff Stafford of ArtsATL who has written a review of the current exhibit, Did You See That?! Stories of Urban Oddities.  

Within this review Stafford states, "Sometimes [Steve Steinmans's] effect is taken to extremes, resulting in a sort of hyper-reality that looks more like a fantasy painting than a photograph — as in PUNKTURED, which exploits the exterior of a body piercing shop in Brighton, England, as a lurid marriage of DayGlo pink, neon aquamarine and hellish red hues."

Astutely Stafford observes that, "[The exhibit] also includes a handful of black-and-white compositions, but they tend to get lost displayed amid the color prints...There are some tantalizing standouts, however. Did You Know Flash Gordon Lived in San Francisco shows a gigantic metallic rocket, poised for blastoff, at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. In what is otherwise an unphotogenic urban strip, the conspicuous sculpture represents an irrepressible but quintessential aspect of the area’s eclectic appeal."  

Check out Stafford's entire article including his thoughts on Steve Steinman and the current exhibit by clicking here.

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