Monday, November 30, 2015

Joanne Hernandez Ornaments are HERE!

Joanne Hernandez is a Spruill Gallery favorite year round, but this holiday season she surprised us all when she showed up with colorful and creative hangings.  These aluminium adornments are super lightweight and perfect for your holiday tree or any open space year round!

How are they made? Glad you asked cause we're curious too...

"I take my drawing and create a wire tracing using my hands and pliers. The wire is trapped between packaging tape, creating the embossing die. The die and aluminum are put in a hydraulic press and the aluminum is embossed with an impression. I then cut it out of the aluminum with a jeweler's saw, leaving a tab which is punched to create a hanging hole. The edges are filed and sanded and burs are removed. The aluminum design is cleaned and then I paint on the color with small paint brushes using transparent solvent-based glass paints. I sprinkle on the glitter while the paint is still wet. Tops of the embossed lines are cleaned and the ribbon is strung! Cool sticker on the back and it's all done!"

Joanne's ornaments, jewelry, ceramics, and scarves can be found at Spruill Gallery's Holiday Artists Market. Visit her during our Handmade Gift Bazaar on December 12 from 11am-3pm and see the new creations she has dreamed up.

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