Thursday, May 5, 2011

If you need one more reason to attend the Nexus Press lecture next Wednesday...

Nexus books at Spruill Gallery tell stories with lessons for the present

May 4, 2011
By Jerry Cullum
Scott McCarney, In Case of Emergency, 1984. Image courtesy Spruill Gallery.

In a megalopolitan area that remythologizes its self-image every six months or so, it requires only four or five years for things, people, and institutions to be utterly forgotten. This is not intrinsically bad, since history moves onward and Atlanta has been even more obsessed with newness than the rest of America. The problem comes when the reasons and motivations are forgotten; these tend to be overlooked even when the people and institutions behind them are remembered.

Nexus Press is one such institution, and, while it is unfortunate that it was allowed to go out of existence, it is even more unfortunate that the details of the place’s DIY spirit have slipped into our largely unrecollected history.

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