Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tonight's Nexus Press lecture is sure to be Enlightening

This blog is often informative, but rarely personal. Today I have decided to share my beginnings in the world of contemporary art.

This is me, Jennifer Price, with a few of my favorite Nexus books.

Fresh out of college, I landed a great opportunity as an intern at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. I worked closely with this organization for nearly a year and I learned many things about the Atlanta art scene, art administration, and non profits in general, but one of my favorite indulgences of working at the Contemporary was discovering the books of Nexus Press.

As an intern, you are asked to do things that no one else wants to do and you do it gladly. You do it for the experience, the foot in the door, the recommendations. I have to admit, when I was assigned to inventory the Nexus books, this was my initial reaction. I remember thinking, "Counting books? Is this what I studied for?" Once I began the task, my attitude made a complete 180 degree turn.
The books of Nexus opened my eyes to the art of printing and the beauty of artist's made books. It also fueled my passion for the arts and planted a seed of interest in Atlanta's art organizations, past and present.

Since that summer, I have moved on to another great institution, Spruill Center for the Arts, but I have not forgotten my humble beginnings and the spark that lit my fire. This is why I am tingling with excitement over JoAnne's lecture tonight. This talk will be personal insight into an organization that was loved nationwide, and is still influencing artists and art historians today.

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