Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EA12 Artist Highlight: Kyungmin Park

 Kyungmin Park, Manito, 2012, Ceramics + mixed media, 36 x 11 x 10 inches
photo courtesy of artist 

Only a child would have the ability to create a new and exciting world out if a single object.  The combination of an incorrupt point of view, a strong imagination, an overflowing curiosity and the desire to push boundaries make for a very special environment exclusive to the child and their playmates.  This is the way we all perceived life once.  In the grownup world, the infinite imagination is restrained by arrangements and circumstances.  People often have to live among other who have a different viewpoint and a different type of expression.  As we grow up in one big society, the majority puts limits on the way an individual might perceive things.  Being an artist, I am luck to take the position of a “creator”, but I still feel the pressures of the adult life, building boundary after boundary.  I am seeking a sort of regression to a childlike state of mind so that I can create in a place beyond these boundaries.  More recently, I am using this theme while addressing the instinctive, darker emotions that plague people of all ages.
-Kyungmin Park

Kyungmin Park, Preciousness, 2012, Ceramic, 23 x 12 x 11 inches
photo courtesy of artist 

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