Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reveiw of Emerging Artists 2012

Excerpt from Felicia Feaster's article in the AJC,
"Spruill Gallery's focus on emerging artists refreshing"

Lauren Cunningham, Bird, 2008, Willow + glue, 15 x 6 ¼ x 5 ½ inches
photo courtesy of Lauren Cunningham

...A true standout is Lauren Cunningham whose adroit, elegant work shows an artist adept at working in different media — sculpture, painting, installation — with equal finesse. Cunningham crafts a bird from bits of willow and glue and creates a dangling curtain hung from the gallery ceiling that, upon closer inspection, is made from cheap black plastic combs. Her work is reminiscent of another local artist Gretchen Hupfel, who was also ambidextrous when it came to materials and concepts. Comparably refined and technically gifted, Ernesto R. Gomez's "Rogus" of a Jinga-like tower of alabaster wooden branches suggests some strange message left by a hiker in the woods...

Lauren Cunningham, Comb Curtain, 2006, Plastic hair combs + monofilament
photo courtesy of Lauren Cunningham

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